Ergotron TRACE™ Monitor Mount (JReward Point = 250,000)

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The innovative TRACE Monitor Mount adapts to how each user works and feels their best to create ergonomic, flexible workspaces. It intuitively adjusts between tasks and postures to encourage movement and collaboration, always returning to the natural home position. The modular TRACE design and premium, 15-year warranty solidify a long-term investment.

TRACE offers a variety of mounting options: the standard 2-piece clamp, an accessory TRACE Slim Profile Clamp Kit or an accessory TRACE Grommet Clamp Kit. Choose the method that meets your requirements.


2021 Good Design Award winner

Seasoned architects and designers recognized TRACE for embodying product excellence and endurance. For 75 years, Good Design® has celebrated iconic design and innovative products that stand out in a competitive marketplace.

A unique and groundbreaking design lets users effortlessly shift between tasks to enable an agile workstyle. See how TRACE moves screens to reliably find a natural home position or extends them to the point of need. TRACE the movement.

The TRACE Design Story

John Blomstrom, Lead Industrial Designer, walks through the origin story for Ergotron’s newest adjustable monitor mount.